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June 11, 2015

Abbots and Kinney storefront

Used to operating out of temporary stalls and from trestle tables on Leigh Street and the Adelaide Farmers Market in Goodwood, patisserie Abbots and Kinney opens its first permanent shopfront on Pirie Street this week.

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  • Words and pictures: Joshua Fanning

If you’ve eaten a delicious pastry treat from a city coffee store in recent times, chances are it was crafted by the hands of Jonny Pisanelli.

Made from scratch every day, Jonny’s Abbots and Kinney brand of baked goods has experienced a meteoric rise among Adelaide’s coffee lovers as the perfect add-on to their daily habit. 


Abbots and Kinney 78 Pirie Street Adelaide 5000
Try the extended lunch menu – with pasty and sausage rolls as well as a special sloppy-joe-style “Danwich”

With names like Jean Claude van ham (Ham and bechamel croissant) and Ugly Rasbetti (similar to a jam-filled donut) the sweet and buttery combinations have a personality all of their own, becoming like friends to their weary-eyed purchasers – looking for that dependable dose of deliciousness in the morning.

However, it’s been hard work for the start-up baker. Jonny has operated countless pop-up locations with a makeshift storefront and has long pined for a permanent place – the perfect space to pair his baked goods (and they are good) with a well-made coffee. 

Pirie Street is as close to perfect as we could imagine.

A small space, clad in beautiful Tasmanian oak with clean lines and a fresh-lit kitchen visible from the incredible folding steel-framed windows that double as a door – Abbots and Kinney is as far from “temporary” as you might imagine.

The concept and architecture, conceived of by Crafty and studio -gram is a fitting tribute to the name-sake.

Abbot Kinney was an American property developer, most famous for his love affair with Venice in Italy. He is the reason why Los Angeles has a Venice Beach and is also the inspiration for Jonny bringing together fine Italian Coffee with delectable pastry all the way across the world here in Adelaide.

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